Men’s Tailoring

Men like to look great in their clothes too!

It’s amazing the difference well fitting clothes through tailoring can make. Deb at ISew4U is a very experienced Dressmaker and Clothing Alterationist providing tailoring services to both men and women.

This TWO PART post provides just a few examples of work completed for men.

Part 1. Alterations & Repairs

Part 2. Custom Made items


The most frequent alteration request is for pant hemming and resizing to fit baggy pants, either around torso or down the pant legs.

The next most popular request is to repair by patching and darning worn out favourite pants that look like their life is over or repairing expensive work overalls that have become ripped and worn from hard yakka! Deb@iSew4U restores them! It’s like an art-form!