Let's Play Fancy Dress-ups!

I've always enjoyed creating and wearing costume for fancy-dress parties. Many times I've managed to find items in second hand stores that just need a tweak or an accessory. Imagination is vital!

In my business as a dressmaker I have really enjoyed creating many different costumes for many different events. Example costumes I've made and/or tweaked include:

  • themed party,

  • celebrating a milestone,

  • Kids costumes

  • mascots,

  • cultural national costumes,

  • Cosplay,

  • dance wear,

  • wrestlers,

  • body builders

  • V8 Racing Grid girls!

Had the absolutely pleasure (& fun) assisting with putting together this costumer for customer who won Best Costume at the 14th Annual Madonna Festival held in Brisbane.

So proud of Us (lol).

Customer Gerry was a big hit at the Races wearing the VB suit I tailored for him.

Costumes for Kids - Verooka Salt (Willy Wonka and the Chocolat Factory

Evie from Disney’s The Descendents

Theme TV series - The Handmaiden

- The Outlanders

Customer purchased a flag which I then sewed into the seams of pants to creat this John Daly golf pant costume.

I think mine are better than the originals!

The Gladiator Groom

- yes that’s right! The groom wanted to be married as a Gladiator

This little video was inspired by the very successful completion of a flamingo costume for a customer turning 40. I added a couple of other examples of costume too.

If you need a costume come see me and let's have some fun!

The Mini Chef: apron, hat and oven mitt


Humpty Dumpty and Gemina from Play School

Barbie doll copy

Verooka Salt (Willy Wonka and the Chocolat Factory)

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